Nílton "The Encyclopedia" Santos: The Best Left Wingback In The Football History

Nílton Reis dos Santos (born May 16, 1925) is a Brazilian former football defender. He was born in Rio de Janeiro. He was a pioneering left back being one of 1st full backs to participate in the offensive game.

Nílton Santos was called The Encyclopedia because of his knowledge of the sport of football. He was world class both at defending and attacking. Nílton was a key player in defence during the 1954, 1958 and 1962 World Cup finals (he was also in the Brazilian squad for the 1950 finals, but made no appearances) and became famous for scoring a magnificent goal in the 1958 tournament when Brazil played Austria. Dribbling his way through the whole field, he finished with a superb shot, driving his coach Vicente Feola crazy (he kept on insisting for Nílton to retreat to the defensive field, but was ignored until the goal was scored).

Nílton Santos played for only 2 teams in his professional career; Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas and the Brazilian national team collecting 75 caps and scoring 3 goals; he is regarded as the best left wingback in the history of the game. [source : Nílton Santos]

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